“The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see.” – G.K. Chesterton

Quote of the Moment


Carolina Football Gameday Attire. GO COCKS!!

This morning I got up and did not have that many options in terms of outfits because it was Gameday here at USC (University of South Carolina). My color options today were either black, garnet/red or white; so, I went with all black for today’s game. I decided to wear a black skirt from Zara, basic black tank from Uniqlo, black crochet vest from a street vendor in Brasil and tan ankle booties from Unionbay. The high for today was a nearly scorching 90 degrees, and it almost felt like it was pushing the 100s because there were so many people and very little wind. But of course you can’t complain about the heat when you surround yourself with your friends and a good time.

Today we played against Missouri and beat them 31-10 and it was an entertaining game to watch/learn. I am not a big football fan because I was raised to be more of a soccer/basketball type of girl. BUT, I do have to admit that football is starting to grow on me. With Sarah’s help I could really fall in love with the game of football. I realized how football is such a huge part of the “Southern” culture. And growing up in the South, I feel like it is only right that inherit some of that football culture (even though I do not consider myself one bit of a southern gal). It was overall a delightful day and cannot wait for the next game against Georgia. I am proud to be a GAMECOCK!

My beautiful friend Sarah and me. Looking classy in all black for the game.

Me, Sarah and Becca.

Brothers for life. Matt, Me and Sarah.

My Happy Song “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

This song is just one of those feel good songs that can turn any raining day into a sunny one. I’ve had it one repeat ever since I hear it on Pandora. Enjoy my friends 🙂 This my favorite part of the song:

“I belong with you,

You belong with me

You’re my sweetheart

I belong with you,

You belong with me

You’re my sweetheart”

I Guess My Dream Changed…

I guess my dream changed, but the place where I want to end up stayed the same. When I was younger my ultimate dream was to become an actress, and now I honestly can’t tell you exactly where my future will lead me. However, one thing that’s for sure is I want the NYC to be in it.

Bought this beauty at a souvenir shop when I was about 13 years old. I was in the city one summer, exploring the possibilities for a career in acting. It was the first time that I got to travel “parentless”. How fitting, eh? First time that I got to travel alone is the place I want to end up.

Looking back, I have to give my parents a BIG THANK YOU for letting me explore at such a young age. They have always instilled creativity in my life. I did just about everything I wanted to do as a little kiddo. Mamae would take me to piano and violin lessons, ice skating lessons, summer art and theater camp, ballet recitals, countless of plays and etc. My Mamae actually wanted to pursue a career in art. I guess you can say that is where I got my endless supply of creative juices. Obrigado minha Mamae linda. This one is for you!! Beijoss

My beautiful Mamae. She is always fashionable. I mean look at those high-waisted shorts with the white jersey turtle neck. And not to mention those hoops paired with her white sneaks is her signature. In the matter of fact, I sometimes steal her vintage clothes because I am obsessed with her fashion sense. Her boxed up clothes are like a treasure chest to my sister and I. Te amo muito ❤

I "Fancy" Burberry

I have been quite ill for the past few days and that is why I have yet to post on my blog. Today I was going through pictures from London Fashion Week and was deeply inspired by the Burberry Show that was held today. I watched the LiveStream of it on www.theblondesalad.com, speaking of which is one of my all time favorite blogs to find that twinkle of inspiration. This video just made me fall into a deeper love with fashion. It is just stunning to see the creativity and the craftsmanship that goes into these shows. It truly is a work of art. You can say I “fancy” Burberry. 
-Jess xx

Nail of the Day

   This is just one of multiple random posts that I’ll have of “those” type of days. You likey? I think it looks very Oriental-esque inspired

Dreams Without Dreamers?

Hello there Fashionistas from various corners of the world. Welcome to Soy Sauce Fashion, this blog is my current substitute to fill my hunger for anything fashion. Being an International Business and Finance major does not help my ultimate dream to work in the fashion industry, but I guess we can all dream, right? Without dreams there aren’t dreamers, or wait, is it the other way around? Dreamers without dreams? Either way, “If you never chase your dreams, you’ll never catch them, eh?” Let’s see where this saucey blogging lifestyle will lead me. (Fingers crossed, hopefully straight to NYC)

-Jess xx.