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Goodbye WordPress, Hello Blogger (Blogspot)

So, I have decided to which over to Blogger/ Blogspot because it allows more of a “custom” feel to the blog, and after creating my lookbook account, I saw that no one was really using wordpress.

Here is the url:

This is my latest post over on blogspot….




Enjoy. Happy Sunday Everyone!! 🙂

I "Fancy" Burberry

I have been quite ill for the past few days and that is why I have yet to post on my blog. Today I was going through pictures from London Fashion Week and was deeply inspired by the Burberry Show that was held today. I watched the LiveStream of it on, speaking of which is one of my all time favorite blogs to find that twinkle of inspiration. This video just made me fall into a deeper love with fashion. It is just stunning to see the creativity and the craftsmanship that goes into these shows. It truly is a work of art. You can say I “fancy” Burberry. 
-Jess xx